Keep it Rolling at Jackpot 247

The availability of casino games live in television these days is a revolution to the conventional types of casino gaming where you have to go to offline casinos and play. Today, there is no need to dress up in your finest. You can wear the most comfortable clothes you have and serve yourself with an iced tea or a chilled beer in can. You can invite your friends over and it’s no less than the experience you get when you watch a movie along with your friends on a Sunday afternoon – perhaps even more!

If you have settled in your armchairs or sofas, and is looking for a TV roulette operator that can handle your whims and caprices in terms of casino gaming, Jackpot 247is the name. It is UK’s leading live roulette operator that has ever landed in your televisions. They are the giants so to speak. They offer 6 nights of live TV roulette broadcasting in the mainstream of UK media particularly at UK’s commercial channel ITV 1. Should you wish to play and see some live casino gaming action of roulette in another network, you can also access them via Sky network. If you ever wonder the technical support provided by Jackpot 247, worry no more because even if you miss a live gaming action before your television sets, they provide a 24/7 live streaming which you can just easily see right down their official website.

Among the roulette games brought to you by Jackpot 247 are Roulette Express, Roulette Express Premium, Mini Roulette, Roulette Nation, American Roulette and Roulette Pro. Among them that are broadcasted live are the Roulette Express, Express Premium and Roulette Nation.

This leading roulette operator in UK is best renowned for being generations with huge prices and different offers via live TV promotions. In fact, in welcoming their new members, they offer a 100% bonus up to £200!